Residential Scaffolding

Stable And Strong to Support Workers!

If you are building a new home or renovating an old one, you definitely need professional scaffolding service providers. Complete Homes Scaffolding is there to help you with all its glory and brilliance. Our scaffolding guarantees safety against dizzying heights and ensures that your needs are met hassle free.

"Scaffolding provided by us offers a temporary structure for workmen to keep them safe, boost their productivity and offer easy access while ensuring stability and swift process at the same time."

Your safety is our number 1 priority!

We offer a wide range of residential scaffolding for the construction of a new home or painting and repairing an old one. Scaffolding at Complete Homes Painting Limited includes;
• Single Scaffolding
• Double Scaffolding
• Cantilever Scaffolding
• Suspended Scaffolding
• Trestle Scaffolding
• Steel Scaffolding
• Patented Scaffolding

Why Complete Homes Scaffolding?

Because we ensure;

Safety -

our reliable and durable scaffolding offers safety to construction workers.

Easy Access -

to tall or multistory building’s roof top, without compromising on safety aspect

Improved efficiency -

safety and easy access gives the worker the required confidence and hence boosts their productivity by triple fold

Stability and Security -

unlike ladders, scaffolding ensures the correct balance and positioning where the worker can work directly in front of where they are needed to be working, without compromising on the quality of work

Swift Work -

The above point further leads to speeding up the work process which is otherwise impossible to attain

For us no job is too big or too small, but rather we take each job with complete dedication and immense professionalism. We are equipped with highest quality scaffolds for residential and domestic purposes. Owing to our state-of-the-art equipment and dedication to keeping up with highest standards, our clients perceive quite highly of us. We have been regarded as the most credible and reliable source of scaffolds and we take it as our utmost responsibility to keep meeting and exceeding the expectations of our clients.
Every successful house build, or renovation is a result of expert planning. For a smooth, safe and seamless process, contact us to speak to our expert representatives who will guide you on the scaffolding solutions and which one would suit best based on your requirements.

Thinking of painting, spouting, roofing or glazing? Complete Homes Group Limited is the ultimate solution to your scaffolding needs.

To discuss your residential scaffold project, please contact us on 022 457 6674 ( Steven Nguyen)