Commercial Scaffolding

From conception to creation… you can count on us for your scaffolding needs!

Whether you are planning on constructing a new building, a new office or thinking of upgrading an old building, our expert commercial manager is there to help you through the process. Starting from the planning phase, taking care of the paper work, managing the traffic plans and all the way to erection and dismantling of scaffolds. Our commitment to work is exemplary and our dedication uncompromised, for we seek to ensure a safe and protected work environment.
From the time of its inception up until now, Complete Homes Group Limited has established itself around safe, reliable and prompt services. In regards to these core values, we have grown to be a premiere scaffolding company in and around the Wellington Region. So far, we have catered to countless commercial buildings in an efficient and diligent manner.
We cover a diverse range of buildings from schools to offices, hospitals to banks and recreational areas etc. It can involve repairing, maintenance or constructing a whole new building. Since public spaces require extra attention to details without disrupting the daily flow of work/ functioning, we make sure to respond accordingly in an effective and efficient manner.

We know what our commercial clients need and so we put in our best efforts to meet the needs.

• Public safety is of paramount importance to us, we make sure that workers along with public is safe from any kind of hazardous risks. We therefore work closely with the commercial clients to eliminate any such possibility of causing any kind of danger.
• Work being carried out in functioning public spaces require extreme care and so in order to avoid disruption we create temporary fencing, cordons, barriers and apply safety signage.
• We also work under strict deadlines such as any renovations in schools must be completed within the stipulated school holidays or on weekends.
Our commercial scaffolders are trained and certified per industry standards. Their integrity, diligence and brilliance make them extraordinary in their field and we are proud to call them out true assets.

The Providers of Quality and Reassurance

• We cover a wide range of commercial projects from helping construct new builds or demolish old ones.
• Deliver easy access solutions and stable support scaffolds.
• State of the art scaffolds for renovations, refurbishment for large scale industrial projects.
Every successful commercial building that stands tall with all its might is a result of expert planning. For a smooth, safe and seamless process, contact us to speak to our expert representatives who will guide you on the scaffolding solutions and which one would suit best based on your needs.

Thinking of constructing, painting, spouting, roofing or glazing? Complete Homes Group Limited is the ultimate solution to your scaffolding needs.

To discuss your commercial scaffold project, please contact us on 022 696 0091 ( Steve Harris)